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     Over the past thirty years the South has changed dramatically, spawning a new generation of Southerners very different from previous generations. Although most of our writers live in Atlanta, they could just as easily come from Nashville, Charlotte, Charleston, Birmingham, Memphis, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond or Dallas. Extensive scientific research involving guesswork, half-recalled conversations and limited math ability has demonstrated that most people don't move too far from the region they were raised in. So many of our urban residents have been drawn from smaller backwaters throughout the South.

     We are not like our ancestors, yet we remain distinctly Southern. We are distinct in our mannerisms, attitudes, values, fears, hopes and choices of evening wear. But this is not exceptional. You may have noticed, the U.S. is a somewhat biggish country. Just as Highland and Lowland Scots are different, so too are Southerners different from Midwesterners, New Englanders and Bosnian insurance salesmen.

     New South Wails intends to give a voice to a new generation of Southern writers and artists with distinctly new outlooks. You don't need to live in the South to read our little zine, in fact we hope you've never even been down here.  We may not know who we are, but we know how we sound. We want you to hear us and we want to hear you.

                                                                               --Mat and Dave

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